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Immunisation of children and adults is a frequent activity undertaken in General Practice. The array of Vaccines available is increasing and the standard schedule becoming more complex. Practices require complex systems to manage this work effectively and a range of Staff in the Practice are involved including GPs, Nurses, Practice Managers and Receptionists. Immunisation of children and adults is a frequent activity undertaken in General Practice.

The Immunisation bible is the Immunisation Handbook which includes the Standard Vaccination Schedule, catch up schedules and everything you wanted to know about Immunisation.  


A range of financial incentives are available to support Practices to immunise:  

The management and storage of Vaccines is a significant issue in General Practice to ensure Vaccines remain potent and effective. Practices must maintain the cold chain and significant resources have been developed to assist them, including the National Vaccine Storage Guidelines - Strive for Five. Queensland Health and General Practice Queensland (GPQ) have worked together to provide a “one stop shop” to help you put into practise systems for safe vaccine storage and handling.  
How do you know if Vaccine information you find on the internet or in other sources is accurate? Today's media capabilities and the internet are wonderful tools for making information widely and rapidly available, but they also make readily available information that is not reviewed for scientific accuracy. Ten Tips for Evaluating Immunisation Information. 
GPGC can support practices to improve or maintain their Immunisation systems via: 
Regular benchmarked performance feedback compared to other Gold Coast Practices
Practice based assistance for Practices with high numbers of children who are not fully immunised 
Participation in a Practice Development Activity to improve Immunisation rates (eg. Key Learnings from GPGC's Immunisation Collaborative)
Fax GPGC for Immunisation Resources (Available at No Charge) 
Clinical updates for GPs and Practice Nurses and systems updates for other Practice Staff 
Immunisation Data Management Resources 
Recording, Reporting & Rates - Step by Step Guide for Practice Staff
For those who are contemplating conscientious objection to Immunisation - the Patient Brochure Vaccination - Weighing It Up may be helpful 
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Fiona Hill 
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